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DBGB: Desserts that would make Joey Ramone’s ghost happy

27 Jan 2010, Posted by JK in DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Everyone knows that you can get a killer burger, delicious blood sausage and tasty pigs head at DBGB.  But did you know they will hand blow-torch a showy, baked Alaska right at your table?   Yup!  DB doesn’t mess around when it comes to desserts and neither does his pastry chef Myriam Eberhardt.

Given Mr Boulud and DBGB’s Pastry Chef Myriam Ebehardt’s French roots I decided to go with the Souffle.  The “Imperial Mandarin Souffle with creme anglaise” to be exact.   It was made to order in 10 minutes and was light and airy and had a fresh orange flavor.  When I cracked into the hot souffle the steam smelled like sugar, orange peels and eggy bread (there is no bread in a souffle!)  The creme anglaise contained specks of vanilla bean and was thick as molasses.  Upon finishing I did not feel full.  Flavor and lightness mark this souffle.

I also strongly recommend the house-made chocolate sorbet.  It was as rich a sorbet as you will find.  It reminded me of an icier version of CapoGiro’s dark chocolate gelato.  Also, one small scoop will not fill you up.

Recommended: The souffle

Qualified recommendation: The baked Alaska ( It looked damned good and my neighbors liked it but I didn;t try it myself.

The DBGB web site is here.

DBGB is located at 299 Bowery.

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