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Dessert Truck Works: A tart love story

04 Nov 2010, Posted by Niko in Best of New York City, Dessert Truck Works, Macaron Parlour, Melt Bakery

Dessert Truck Works Chocolate Tart

Every time I visit the Dessert Truck or Dessert Truck Works (their brick and mortar store front in the East Village) I’m reminded of all the reasons I love this place. Let’s take an inventory shall we?   First, I love their model: three-star, restaurant quality plated desserts without having to drop $100+ on dinner.  Second, they always have something new on the menu like goat’s milk cheese cake. Third, they often have a special combo deal such as a large dessert, macaron and coffee for $8.00.  How can you beat that?  You can’t!

The French Macaron at Dessert Truck Works

I usually order one of their large desserts for $6.  If you’re a first timer I recommend the chocolate bread pudding. But this past Saturday I had to go a little lighter since I just came from eating a Melt Bakery fried apple pie and 3 Macaron Parlour macarons at the Hester Street Fair (ended for the winter).  So that meant a sensible meal of a chocolate tart and a salted caramel macaron.

A delicious Nutella Macaron from the Macaron Parlour

The huge chocolate tart really stands out in the pastry case compared to all the dainty little French pastries. You could easily split it between 3 people if you order a few other items. The density of the chocolate inside falls somewhere between a thick mousse and flourless chocolate cake, but leans more towards the mousse.   It’s not a super dark, bitter chocolate, again it’s somewhere in between bittersweet and dark. The crust is ultra-thin and delicate.   Mostly it just serves as a great container for the filling. Underneath it all is a flat and delicate cookie that makes eating this tart easy since no chocolate touches the plate. The tart was even better at room temperature after I took it home (I had a few bites with house made whipped cream at the shop before it warmed up).

Melt Bakery Fried Apple Pie from the Hester Street Fair

The French  macarons at Dessert Truck Works at $2.00 have to be one of the best values in fine desserts in New York.  They are nearly twice the size of a standard Macaron such as those found at the Macaron Cafe which cost $2.25.  Get any flavor, they’re all good and they don’t make huge batches and then keep them around for days to get stale like some others do.  I had the caramel on Sat.

Dark chocolate truffle cake

Recommended: (monster) chocolate tart, macarons, any of their “main” desserts.

Dessert Truck Works is located at 6 Clinton St.

Melt Bakery’s web site is here.  (post coming soon)

The Macaron Parlour’s web site is here. (post coming soon)

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