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This is cool - even if you don't celebrate the holiday with the Pine Tree

In defense of the War on Christmas, Dessert Truck Works has  cool Christmas tree shaped macarons for $2.50 each.  That’s roughly twice the macaron for the fairly standard NYC price.  Only available from the store on Clinton St. right now.  Go here for recent recommendations from Dessert Truck Works.  Next year I’d like to see a Menorah Macaron (that has a nice ring to it!)

The French Macaron at Dessert Truck Works

Dessert Truck Works is located at 6 Clinton St.

2 Responses to “Dessert Truck Works Christmas Tree Macaron: No war on Christmas here!”

Speaking of which, have you been in a Financier lately? I peeked through the window of the Grand Central one recently and thought I saw a giant macaron–like, roughly the diameter of a softball. I want that Christmas tree pretty badly, too, as I’m a sucker for quantity in the true American fashion.

Well this is the US and A bigger=better. We like our Macarons like we like our frauds – big as hell!

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