Dessertbuzz | DessertBuzz freebie alert: Sweet Treats Trucks to give away mad cupcakes and other goodies


DessertBuzz freebie alert: Sweet Treats Trucks to give away mad cupcakes and other goodies

18 Oct 2010, Posted by JK in Sweets Truck

Major freebie alert from the Street Sweets Truck

Three awesome promotions at three Street Treats trucks all week! (say that three times fast!)

Starting Monday October 18th through October 24th Sweet Treats will be working with Seamless Web and have a special promotional truck that will be at various locations throughout Manhattan. Guests of the truck will receive a fortune cookie that has a code inside where with the winning code you can win great prizes. Seamless Web will also be offering $10 off web orders.

Catch up with our mobile bake shop Chopper at various locations throughout Manhattan from Tuesday October 19th through Saturday October 23rd as we are doing a great promotion with Captial One Bank offering Double Rewards — that means buy one sweet and get a second for free! Click here to learn more about the Double Rewards Promotion. Capital One Bank & Street Sweets are donating up to $10,000 based on purchases made at our mobile cafe during the Capital One Bank Street Sweets double rewards buy one get one free promotion.

Last, but not least, join us on October 20th and 21st, we are going to have a special branded truck with the chocolate gurus Scharffen Berger and Food Network Magazine sponsoring the Chocolate Adventure Contest and we’ll be giving away several thousand cupcakes. You can learn more about the Chocolate Adventure Contest here. Be sure to check out our schedule for time and locations for this event as well as our other promotions.

Full Truck schedule is here:

MONDAY: Our Main Truck: 8am–4pm: Hudson btw King & W.Houston.  4:30pm–7:30pm: 59th St & 9th Ave.

Seamless Web Truck: 11:30am–7:30pm: Broadway Union Sq. bet 16th & 17th St.

TUESDAY: Our Main Truck: 9am–11:30am: 56th St. & Broadway. 12:00pm–4:00pm: 46th St. & 6th Ave.

Seamless Web Truck: 11:30am–7:30pm: Broadway Union Square between 16ht & 17th St.

WEDNESDAY: Our Main Truck: 9am–11:30am: 52nd St & Lexington. 12pm–4pm: 42nd St. & Times Sq.

Seamless Web Truck: 11:30am–7:30pm: 5th Ave. bet. 22nd & 23rd St.

Scharffen Berger Truck: 10am–11:30am: 46th St. & 6th Ave.  12pm–3pm: 49th St btw. 6th & 7th Ave.  3:30pm–5pm: 59th St. btw. Park & Lex

THURSDAY: Our Main Truck: 8am–2pm Hudson btw King & W. Houston St.  3pm–5pm University & 8th St.  6pm–9pm 75th St. & Broadway

Seamless Web Truck: 11:30am–7:30pm Lexington Ave. btw 57th St. & 58th St.

Scharffen Berger Truck: 10am–11:30am 42nd St. btw 5th & 6th Ave. 12pm–3pm Park Ave bet 52nd & 53rd St.  3:30pm–5pm 8th Ave. btw 56th & 57th St (Hearst Tower)

FRIDAY: Our Main Truck: 8am–10:30am Hudson btw King and W. Houston. 11am–1:30pm West Bway & Chambers.  2pm–4pm Park Ave btw 52nd & 53rd St.

Seamless Web Truck: 11:30am–7:30pm 6th Ave. btw Carmine & West 3rd St.

SATURDAY: Our Main Truck: 8am–6pm: 86th St. & 3rd Ave.

Seamless Web Truck: 10am–5pm: Brooklyn Flea Market at Lafayette Ave. btw Clemount & Vanderbilt Ave.

SUNDAY: Our Main Truck: 9am–6pm: Broadway & 75th St.

Seamless Web Truck: 10am–5pm: Brooklyn Flea One Hanson Place corner of Flatbush Ave.

  • grant


    We know it is long after the fact, however if you could fix our name we would greatly appreciate it.

    Our name is Street Sweets, not Sweet Treats.

    Thank you so very very much!

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