Dessertbuzz | Desserts from the 2011 New York Food & Wine “Sweet Event” sponsored by Godiva Part 1:


Desserts from the 2011 New York Food & Wine “Sweet Event” sponsored by Godiva Part 1:

01 Oct 2011, Posted by Niko in Donatella, Doughnut Plant, Johnny Iuzzini, Kyotofu, Locanda Verde, Mas (farmhouse), New York Food & Wine Fest.

Plated dessert from Karen DeMasco of Locana Verde

Last night was the New York Food & Wine Festival “Sweet” event and the desserts on display were truly awesome.  Rarely are so many of New York’s best pastry chefs and their desserts all in one place at the same time.  Here’s Part 1 (Part @ is here) of some  of best plates on hand:

Johnny Iuzzini's Crispy Godiva Chocolate and Praline Pop with Cranberry

Johnny Iuzzini’s booth was mobbed all night.  I thought he would win the fan prize but he was just beaten by The Doughnut Plant.  More from Johnny Iuzzini of Jean Georges on Dessertbuzz.

Doughnut Plant's Creme Brulee doughnut - the winner of the attendee voting for best dessert

The inside of the Doughnut Plant's creme brulee doughnut

The Doughnut Plant brought a selection of doughnuts including a delicious jelly doughnut but their creme brulee doughnut, which was hand-blow-torched on the spot was the hit of the show and netted them the prize for best dessert at the 2011 Sweet event.   More from the Doughnut Plant on Dessertbuzz.  Look for a “blow torch” video on this soon.

Karen DeMasco of Locanda Verde Cranberry Spice cake with Mascarpone Gelato

Karen DeMasco’s desserts are always interesting and always delicious.  More from Karen DeMasco of Locanda Verde on DessertBuzz.

Andrea Jarosh of Donatella brought a classic cannoli

You think you have had good cannolis?  Think again.  These are the real deal.  More from Andrea Jarosh of Donatella on DessertBuzz.

Catrine Oscarson from Mas Farmhouse house made marshmallows

More coverage of Catrine Oscarson of Mas (Farmhouse).

Kyotofu's Michelle Park's pear and cranberry anmitsu with shiro-an cream

More coverage of Michelle Park from Kyotofu.

Erin McKenna from Babycakes gluten, dairy, Soy and refined-sugar free brownies

The all-vegan Baby Cakes bakery had some killer chocolate brownies.  Not sure anyone would ever be able to tell that these doughnuts were vegan and gluten free.  More coverage of Baby Cakes at the show coming soon.

Stay tuned for tons more coverage of the Sweet event including interviews.

New York Food and Wine Festival - Sweet Event sponsored by Godiva

New York Food and Wine Festival - Sweet Event on September 29th, sponsored by Godiva

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