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Donatella: **update** new cupcakes, tiramisu & chocolate chip cookies

06 Feb 2012, Posted by Niko in Donatella

Donatella: not just for pizza!

Last week, I finally got back to Donatella and was joined by Blondie and Team Dessert Hunter’s ™ resident chocolate expert, to try some of their new desserts.  A few weeks ago I posted a video of Donatella’s pastry chef Andrea Jarosh at the 2011 New York Food and Wine Show telling us about her awesome cannoli–but this visit would focus on their tiramisu, cupcakes and awesome chocolate chip cookies.  Prior to the desserts we did have two great pizzas and fried calamari.  For more on the savory side check out Blondie & Brownie or Feisty Foodie.

Chocolate chip cookies with Valrhona dark chocolate

When the tiramisu arrived at the table I was the last to taste it.  I had to listen to my dining companions rave about it for nearly five minutes and my expectations were sky high.  What if it didn’t meet them?  Luckily, that was not an issue.

There was something very refined about this dessert but the characteristic that separated it from other tiramisus was how fresh all the ingredients tasted.  Ms. Jarosh used chocolate house-made lady fingers and the lightest, most flavorful chocolate mousse you can imagine.  The bottom layer of cake was soaked with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur.

Tiramisu from Andrea Jarosh, Donatella's pastry chef

The three cupcakes that were sent out, Nutella praline, pistachio and red velvet were all excellent and their presentation would have made Zac Young proud.  They were super-moist, not overly sweet and the use of gold flake made them feel more like made-to-order plated desserts than bakery items.  The Nutella praline was my favorite, taste-wise and visually.  It had a pocket of Nutella in the center and was topped with hazelnuts covered in gold.

The other side of Andrea Jarosh's cannoli

Finally, if you have the opportunity top taste Ms. Jarosh’s chocolate chip cookies made with (Valrhona) dark chocolate chunks, definitely do so.  They are served hot with chocolate melting all over the place.

This is great pizza

Donatella is located at 184 8th Ave (19 St)  Their web site is here.  More coverage of the Dessert Menu at Donatella NYC is here.

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