Dessertbuzz | Francois Chocolate Bar at the Plaza: French Pastry, Verrines and Push-up pops?


Francois Chocolate Bar at the Plaza: French Pastry, Verrines and Push-up pops?

04 Jul 2011, Posted by Niko in Francois Chocolate Bar, Payard

Payard's coconut chocolate and coconut push-up pop

In addition to the great pastry that you can always find at FC Chocolate Bar in the Plaza Hotel, Mr. Payard has added some fun, ice-cream-based items just in time for summer.  On Friday I tried two of his push-up pops.  The chocolate-coconut-chocolate and the raspberry-coconut-strawberry.  The ice cream in both pops was very rich and creamy but the coconut and chocolate get the nod because the dark chocolate and the super-flavorful coconut, go really well together.  Both pops are, however, equally fun to eat! $5.00 each.

The "un-pushed" push-up pop from FC Chocolate Bar

Of course, you could always pass on the push-up pops and go for one of four different macaron or brownie-based ice cream sandwiches.  Midtown Lunch loved the pistachio with raspberry sorbet and pistachio ice cream.

Francois Payard's ice cream sanwiches - with brownies or macaron cookies

Of course, you can always bypass all this kids stuff and just get one of the pastries that are always available at FC Chocolate Bar. His Eclairs have no peer in New York City.

The Opera cake from FC Chocolate bar is as good as many plated,  made-to-order, restaurant desserts in NYC.

Francois Payard Opera Cake

Francois Chocolate  Bar is located in the food court at the Plaza Hotel.   A listing of Payard locations in New York City including Francois Payard Bakery is here.