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Perfect weather for one of these and a hot chocolate

On Sunday I stopped by Francois Chocolate Bar in the Plaza Hotel.  I was surprised by how nice the space was.  Not that I expected anything less from the Plaza–it’s not the Red Roof Inn, but I was struck by the amount of square footage.  This outpost of the ever-expanding Payard empire is a nice departure from most NYC pastry shops.  There’s plenty of seating and the tables aren’t so close together that you feel like a sardine in a can.  The seats along the fountain make for a nice place to sip a hot chocolate or eat a one-of-a-kind pastry.

Francois Payard Opera Cake

Verrines - Tout chocolate, Tiramisu, raspberry

The full range of Payard goodies are available here: Pastries that Payard is famous for like the Lourve  and George V; Verrines; a selection of baked goods, like almond croissants; artisanal chocolates and gift boxes; hot chocolate and selected items from the Vegan Divas line of vegan bakery items.

The central location of the Plaza make it a great place to take a break from visiting Central Park or the Apple Store.

George V and two Verrines

Recommended: Louvre, George V ($6.50), Tout Chocolate Verrine ($7.00) and the Hot chocolate which at $5.50 seems steep but try it. It’s different from almost any other in New York – not sweet at all and very thick.  It gets stirred all day in this special Ugolini machine.

Vegan Divas Cookies!

Francois Chocolate Bar has two locations – the Plaza outpost is at Central Park South and 5th Ave.  Don’t forget to check out the DessertBuzz interview with Francois Payard here.

The Ugolini Hot chocolate machine works all day

Space to breathe in New York!

Don't miss the almond croissants if you are there early!

7 Responses to “Francois Chocolate Bar in the Plaza Hotel: Take in the Louvre!”

Thanks for this review – I’m planning a trip to NYC in the spring and want to get to the best chocolate spots; this looks like one to put on the list.


Payard is the standard for pastry – the only way you’ll get better stuff is with a plated made to order dessert in a restaurant and even then few will be as good as the three I mention in the recommended section. Though I know you have some great pastry in DC too.

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Those chocolate treats look absolutely fantastic! I am drooling at the thought of them!

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