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Georgia's Key Lime tart: not too sweet -just right

Despite what Fabio says about their desserts, I think we all can agree the French make great pastries (and cheese).  The Upper West Side is not not typically known as a hotbed of French pastry unless you consider babka French.  It does however, have Georgia’s.  Georgia’s has quietly developed a loyal following of neighborhood people who come for the excellent baked goods, pastry, as well as breakfast lunch and dinner.

Linzer torte cookie from Georgia's

Recently, I tried their key lime tart.   After learning it cost $7.00 my expectations were high, but the tart, like most of Georgia’s items, had a level of refinement that you just don’t see at most bakeries.   The filling wasn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of tartness.  It wasn’t runny.   The crust was very firm and well done.  It wasn’t the type of crust that’s so fragile that you have to be careful when handling it.  Two people could easily split this tart.

Sweet but excellent chocolate chip scone at Georgia's Bakery

I also purchased a Linzer torte cookie (seeded raspberry) which also was excellent.

Chocolate macaron from Georgia's

Recommended: Georgia’s Key Lime Tart, Linzer torte cookie.

Georgia’s is located at 2418 Broadway (89th St.).  Their website is here.

One Response to “Georgia’s Bakery and Cafe: Real French Bakery Patisserie on the Upper West Side”

[…] the lone French pastry outpost on the Upper West Side, before–but that was to recognize their Key Lime tart and their sweet but excellent scones.  This time, two days before Bastille Day, I wanted to […]

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