Dessertbuzz | Green tea creme brulee, wasabi honey ice cream and more from Soba-Ya


Green tea creme brulee, wasabi honey ice cream and more from Soba-Ya

25 Aug 2011, Posted by Niko in Soba-Ya

Black sesame ice cream from Soba-Ya in NYC

I wrote a few weeks ago about a trip with some homemade ice cream “enthusiasts” to Chikalicious Dessert Club where we tried the adult chocolate pudding.  That same night, I had dinner at Soba-Ya and found their desserts (and savory food) to be quite excellent.

Soba-Ya Green Tea ice cream

My favorite dessert out of the evening was definitely the green tea creme brulee.  It had a nice caramelized top and, consistency-wise, it was as good as any creme brulee I’ve had this year.  It was also devoid of any sweetness whatsoever–the flavor was 100% (unsweetened) green tea.

Green tea creme brulee from Soba-Ya NYC

We also tried four different flavors of house-made ice cream and the entire group was surprised at which one we ended up liking best.  The Black sesame seemed like it might be interesting, but while the ice cream itself was good, everyone agreed it was hard to taste the sesame.  The Yuzu was much better, with a distinct citrus-like flavor.   The best flavor was the honey wasabi. Surprisingly (to me at least), these two flavors worked really well together with the honey taking a bit of the sting out of the spicy and bitter wasabi.

Yuzu ice cream from Soba-ya restaurant in New York

We also ordered a soba manju (steamed buckwheat bun) with sweet bean paste inside.  When it comes to sweet bean paste and it’s chalky texture,  some people like it and some people don’t.  I liked this dish because it was served with a green tea ice cream that was every bit as delicious as the creme brulee. And when I consumed the bun and the ice cream in the same spoonful, everything came together.  Soba-ya definitely offers some great desserts that are different from the usual fare.  Stop by and see for yourself.

Soba-Ya dessert

Recommended: green tea creme brulee; honey wasabi, yuzi and green tea ice cream; and soba manju (if you like steamed buns with bean paste)

Soba-Ya is located at 229 East 9th Street  Their website is here.  I am told by reliable sources that Cha-An also has superb green tea creme brulee.


  • Kathy

    Hi Niko! You hit it right on the spot – that matcha creme brulee is killer, one of my favourites 🙂

  • Niko


    Thanks for the recommendation–that was/is one good dessert!

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