Dessertbuzz | Hester Street Fair has great Food: First Prize Pies, Poffertjes man, Shaved Ice shop


Hester Street Fair has great Food: First Prize Pies, Poffertjes man, Shaved Ice shop

01 Aug 2011, Posted by Niko in First Prize Pies, Hester Street Fair, Shaved Ice Shop, The Poffertjes man

The Shaved Iced Shop at the Hester Street Fair

I visited the Hester Street Fair on Saturday.  It was my first time back since last fall’s fruitful outing and  I’m happy to report that there were a number of food vendors that are worth checking out.

The Poffertjes Man at the Hester Street Fair in NYC

The Poffertjes Man Mini Dutch Pancakes

One outfit that was new to me was the The Poffertjes Man.  Their stall was staffed with a very friendly team who sell fresh “mini Dutch pancakes” that are made  to order.  The pancakes ($5.00) are taken right  off the griddle and served piping hot  along with a massive pat of butter and some sifted powdered sugar.  They also sell frozen chocolate bananas ($4.00).

The griddle making the Mini Dutch Pancakes

I really enjoyed the pancakes.  They were super light and fluffy and their sweetness was similar to a good crepe.  The serving size is large enough for (you get 15 mini panacakes!) two people so it’s really quite a good deal.

Ready to eat Dutch Pancakes

Visit The Poffertjes Man website here.

The Shaved Ice Shop tower of shave ice with Jelly cubes, green tea mochi

I’ve already been exposed to shave ice and become a fanboy of Imperial Woodpecker Sno Balls and now I’m a huge fan of another shave ice outfit–The Shaved Ice Shop.  They both serve a super-refreshing summertime dessert–but The Shaved Ice Shop takes their toppings a step further.

The Shaved Ice Shop toppings

The Shaved Ice Shop’s selection of toppings is what makes this dessert fun.  It spans from Green Tea Mochi t0 “fruity pops” (fruit flavored rice cereal and Pop Rocks) to Mango.  They also offer scoops of premium green tea ice cream or mango sorbet and of course, sweetened condensed milk.  The pictures really do tell the whole story.

The shaved ice golden cat waves to each customer

I spoke with three very satisfied customers who all had nothing but raves.  Six dollars gets you a massive tower of shave ice and includes three topings and one scoop of ice cream or sorbet.  Locate them, visit them, and try one of these–you won’t regret it.   The Shaved Ice Shop website is here.

First Prize Pies apricot blueberry pie

Though it was already quite famous, the first I learned about First Prize Pies S’mores pie when Blondie and Brownie recommended it a while back.  Since then, I have tasted slices before but never actually purchased my own mini-pie until this past Saturday.  It was every bit as tasty as I remember it.

Mini S'mores pie custom container - cool

It consists of a fresh graham cracker crust with a light chocolate ganche filling (almost pudding like) and them is topped off with a thick layer of toasted marshmallow.  I think it’s actually better than a real campfire-made s’more ($5.00).  First Prize pies is also well regarded for their fruit pies.

smores pies from Hester street Fair

The S'mores pie from First Prize Pies

You can visit a number of NYC venues to find these pies: Roni-Sue’s Chocolates in the Essex Street Market, Fatty ‘Cue restaurant in Williamsburg, Dean & Deluca (Soho location) and 88 Orchard Cafe.  Visit their web site for more locations or to place an order.

For more info on the Hester Street Fair visit their website or their Facebook page.

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