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I have stopped in Pinisi bakery many times over the last year but I never seemed to have my camera.  And when I tried to bring an item home to photograph it,  I always ended up eating it on the way or sometimes the item would make it home but then I would eat it before photographing it.   But after trying their vegan vanilla coconut cupcake I knew I had to  report my findings.

Even for a standard “with-dairy-products” cupcake I would give it high marks.  The frosting wasn’t too sweet or toothpaste-like and the cake was perfectly moist even at 9:00 p.m. when I made my purchase.  I would like to know what some legit vegans think of it, so if you go and try it, shoot me an email.

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2 Responses to “Holy crap it’s vegan!:Pinisi Bakery vegan vanilla coconut cupcake”

this vegan cupcake looks really good — I love cupcakes with coconut on top — such a festive look!

Yeah, it was pretty damn good. I gotta go back and try some more stuff from there.

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