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Jacques Torres for father’s with a sweet tooth

18 Jun 2010, Posted by Niko in Jacques Torres

A chocolate tie for Father's day from Jacques Torres

If you need a last minute Father’s Day gift and dad has a sweet tooth you might try swapping out the classic standby of a silk tie with a dark chocolate version from  Jacques Torres. He won’t be able to wear it (I don’t think) but it will make going off to work more bearable if he consumes it for breakfast-I’m no dad but that’s what I would do.  There ‘s also a tool kit for the dad who likes home improvement projects and additional chocolate definitely improves the home.

Is your dad a handyman?  There are 2 tool kits to choose from.

Every house needs a pair of white chocolate pliers

Too gimmicky?  How about some dark chocolate covered marshmallows?

Jacques Torres has 3  locations in the New York City.  I visited the King Street and Hudson location and the Upper West Side location at 285 Amsterdam Ave (73  St.).

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