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Jacques Torres’ “Mad Mac” Caneles

11 Jul 2012, Posted by Niko in Jacques Torres, Mad Mac, Reviews

at $2.00 each these caneles go well with Jacques Torres ice cream or a frozen hot chocolate

Since I’ve gone crazy for caneles recently,  I thought it was worth noting that Jacques Torres’ Hudson Street store had a display of caneles on sale a few weeks ago.  I asked if they were made by the only MOF pastry chef in New York–Jacques Torres.  Surprisingly,  I was told they were not made by Torres but by Florian Bellanger from Cupcake Wars and  MadMac macarons.

Fat-free, dairy-free mango sorbet goes well with canele

The caneles were quite good although I think they had been out for some time and didn’t have any crust.  At $2 each they did go very well with my frozen hot chocolate.

Jacques Torres locations are here.  Their website is here.  More coverage of Jacques Torres is here.

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