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Sake braised pork belly

Kyotofu has always been a DessertBuzz favorite. They are one of the original dessert-only destinations in NYC–blazing the trail for this category.  Shortly after opening in 2006 they received a major publicity boost from New York Magazine who named their chocolate souffle cupcake the best in New York.  Despite this notoriety, they didn’t rest on their laurels or turn into a one-trick pony cupcake shop.  Instead, they constantly retooled their menu and added new bakery items and desserts year in and year out.

Chocolate miso "choko" brownie

Kyotofu has offered small plates and “real” food for many years now.  However, I recently had an opportunity to try one of their “Comfort mains”  specifically, their sake braised Berkshire pork belly.  Though I’m definitely no expert on pork belly, I found this dish immensely satisfying.  It was very tender and flavorful without being too salty  and it’s served with delicious house-made pickles and shiso onigiri.  This dish is the perfect intermezzo for any dessert tasting.  (Other comfort mains include mac and cheese and chicken and tofu burger).

Matcha green tea financier

I also tried Kyotofu’s miso “choko” brownie for the first time.  It definitely reminded me–in a good way–of their chocolate souffle cupcake–though with a bit less dark chocolate flavor.  The bottom of the brownie has a  nice crust of sesame seeds that have been toasted from the being at the bottom of the pan.

The Kyotofu chocolate "souffle" cupcake

In the coming weeks I plan to check in with coverage of Kyotofu’s main dessert menu.  More coverage of Kyotofu on DessertBuzz. Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

Kyotofu is located at 705 9th Ave (48 and 49th St).  Their website is here.

3 Responses to “Kyotofu: It’s not just for dessert anymore”

Mmm… I may try to head over there tonight. We’ll see.

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