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Are these still the best macarons in New York?

Though DessertBuzz missed the opening of LaDuree on the Upper East side today (links to reports below if you’r e interested).  I recommend not reading about it and just going over and checking it out first hand.  Here’s my big question:  Will LaDuree’s macarons be as good as those from Bisou Ciao?  After all, the LaDuree macarons have to fly all the way from France every day in cargo (mon dieu!). If you’ve tried both already let me know how they compare in the comments!

DessertTruck Works monkey finger macaron - would LaDuree approve?

Coverage of the opening of LaDuree.

FloFab from the Times

Amanda Kludt: Eater NY

Craftiness Now

Yelp reviews (already!)

Ladurée is located at 864 Madison Avenue (71st Street), open Monday – Friday 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. ; Saturday at 9:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. Closed Sunday. Macarons $2.70 each (ouch!)

11 Responses to “LaDuree opens to huge crowds this morning”

Bisou Ciao makes pretty good macarons, though I can’t say I’m a fan of DessertWorks’ macarons.

In any case, I love love loveddd the laduree ones my friend brought back from Paris, so I’m excited. :D

Thanks Esther. We’ll both have to check back in when we have gone to the Madison Ave store!

Ok, let me be clear… LaDuree can _____ a ________. Know what I mean?

FN: When someone says “let me be clear” they usually follow that statement up with something clear. What is this Mad Dessert Libs?

Choose your words carefully here FN you have serious credibility in this space given your frequent travels to France. No fooling around–this IS SERIOUS MAN!

I’ll try and go soon, but I’m generally not a fan of getting swept up in hype and long lines. I’ll be extra interested when they open a cafe space with a wider selection in Soho.

I have no credibility but if I did, I would say: I’ve been in Paris for three years and I went to LaDuree once for breakfast and never went back. There are like 23,000 better places. As far as macarons, I don’t like em in general but folks tell me depending upon the flavor (like Rose) they’d go to LaDuree but for chocolate they’d go to Pierre Herme. To spend airplane fuel to fly em from Paris to NY? Lame. Figure out how to make them in NY or don’t open the store.

@Abby – agreed, seems a bit silly but the weathe ris nice and if you’re with a friend, there are worse things to wait in line for…
@FN Thanks for this write up. I am totally cool with all the hype (as I said people get jazzed over much stupider things) but I am 100% with you on the “really? You have to fly them over here? every day” You can’t make them the same way in NYC?”

I simply cannot decide between the two as I like both Bisou Ciao & Laduree.

[…] so important for New Yorkers to know what other people think is “the best”?   With the opening of Laduree in New York City there has been a considerable amount of macaron hype, most of it around how […]

[…] am a serious macaron fan, although I have not tried Bouchon and Laduree yet. I have had macarons from MacarOn Cafe, Bisous Ciao, Financier, Bruno Balery, Panya, Takahachi […]

[…] also made a trip to Ladurée!  As expected, there was a line there due to all the hype.  The store itself was beautifully designed. My friend and I got two (violet and pink) 6 piece […]

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