Dessertbuzz | Leggo my Volcano: Momofuku milk bar frenzy (Updated Jan 29)


Leggo my Volcano: Momofuku milk bar frenzy (Updated Jan 29)

29 Jan 2009, Posted by JK in Best of New York City, Momofuku Milk Bar

You really want to find something at Milk Bar that doesn’t taste good.  You want to say the (nice looking) staff is bitchy.  You want to say the whole joint is just mad-over-rated.  But you can’t.  None of those things are true.  So, you can just add DessertBuzz to the army of jackasses that are signing the praises of Christina Tosi and Momofuko Milk bar.

Last week I did an all Momofuko night, with a  twist.  That is, I hit the Milk Bar at dinner time for a cookie tasting and then grabbed some pork and chicken buns at the Ssam-less Ssam Bar (yes, that’s correct, you can no longer buy a ssam anywhere in the David Chang empire).

I really like the cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookie.  Fellow blogger Sue Good Sweets says that they put a lot of dried milk powder in to give it that extra buttery taste. To me, it had a candy like crunch that almost no cookies in my New York City review have.  The candy crunch is almost like someone threw a Butter Finger candy bar in the cookie.

The Compost cookie which contains pretzels, potato chips, butterscotch chips chocolate chips and maybe some other things was also really tasty.  Some reviewers have not been fond of it but I liked all the salt that must come from the chips and pretzels.

The Peanut butter cookies were also very good.  They had a strong peanut butter flavor, which sounds obvious to say but some peanut butter cookies carry the flavor strongly and some don’t.

A trusted foodie friend has strongly recommended that I try the Corn cookie but they haven’t had it the two times I have gone.

This cool looking tower of calories is the chocolate chip cookie cake from Momofuku bakery and milk bar.  More great photos of Momofuku’s baked goods have been posted by Kathryn Yu at her flick’r page.  Damn you Kathryn!  Her website is here.


Damn those people at Serious Eats!  They beat me to it. Go here for first glimpses of Momofuku bakery and Milk bar items.  Including the Volcano and compost cookie.

My pics coming soon.
What would food bloggers do without Shake Shack and the soon-to-be-open Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar?  With Shake Shack, bloggers were reduced to photographing plywood.  But we still ate it up didn’t we?

The opening of Momofuku Bakery and Milk Bar has taken things to a whole new level.   I’m not sure if Eater has their tongue in their cheek when they say it’s the “most anticipated opening this fall” but again, if photos of the street, and of trash are any indication, the actual first day of service to the public will be big.

Why?  Most of the answer is that people are just on the jock of David Chang. If he cooked sardines over garbage can fires under the west side highway critics would be all “he captured the hobo aesthetic and flavors perfectly”.  The other half of the answer is that when Frank Bruni gave Ko 3 stars he mentioned the desserts and executive pastry chef Christina Tosi specifically.  So,  most food people in New York are looking forward to her creations on Saturday.

Eater has the menu posted.  Based on the descriptions, here is what I am looking forward to trying:

According to the menu Momofuku is going to have soft serve, flavored milks, cookies, cakes and a category called “Etc.” which lists 1)”Volcano” (potato gratin, gruyere cheese and Benton’s bacon) 2) “English muffin” (deep-fried soft poached egg, caramelized onions and lardons) 3) Pork and egg bun and 4) “Brown butter cinnamon bun” (cheesecake filling).

Stay tuned to DessertBuzz as the opening of Momofuku bakery and Milk Bar unfolds.

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