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LeMonde: Coq au vin, crepes and pastry in Morningside Heights

19 Jul 2011, Posted by Niko in LeMonde

LeMonde Orange Hazelnut Tart

There are at least three reasons to visit LeMonde–there may be more–but I am only willing to go out on a limb with these three: Their Coq Au Vin, their crepes and their french pastry or plated desserts.

Their crepes are the real deal–made on huge cast iron plates, very thin and not too sweet.  You can get whatever you like thrown inside (Nutella, bananas, strawberries, etc.).  Their Coq Au Vin is a drop on the salty side but otherwise it’s excellent.  The chicken is well cooked, flavorful and the wine-based sauce is just, well, finger-lick’n good.

LeMonde Crepes

The pastry:

One of the challenges  of dining at LeMonde is choosing from the vast selection of pastry from their old refrigerated pastry case. My favorite item, out of the three I tried (creme brulee, molten chocolate cake as well), was the hazelnut orange tart.  The pastry contained an unusual filling in the shell that was  similar to a custard but flavored with hazelnut.  Their was also  a very subtle flavor of orange in the tart (some of my dining companions couldn’t even taste it).  The crust of the tart was perfect, not too difficult to crack and not too sweet.

Lemonde (molten) Chocolate

LeMonde is located on 2885 Broadway.  Their website is here .

LeMonde Creme Brulee

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