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Locanda Verde bakery counter: Sour cherry scone

28 Jul 2011, Posted by Niko in Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde sour cherry scone from Karen DeMasco

I swung by Locanda Verde’s bakery counter yesterday to see what kind of seasonal baked goods Karen DeMasco was serving up.  There were two new items I have never tried before, blueberry mini pies and sour cherry scones.  I scored a scone but unfortunately, the blueberry mini pies were sold out by 1:00.

Nutella cookie from Locanda Verde Bakery Counter

The sour cherry scone was, as expected, excellent.  Even close to 1:00p.m., it was still moist and fresh tasting with a nice grainy-but-not gritty texture.  The scone has a lightly browned outside and a light dusting of sugar on top but it’s not very sweet.  iI would work for me as a breakfast.   At $3.75 (+ tax!) each and roughly half the size of an Alice’s Tea Cup or Clinton Street Baking scone–only you can be the judge if it’s worth it.  Let me know what you think.

Locanda Verde's Mini Rhubarb Pie

I’d imagine the blueberry mini pies are similar to the rhubarb minis I reviewed a few months ago.

Dark bitter pistachio tart from Karen DeMasco

Locanda Verde’s web site is here.

Locanda Verde is located at 377 Greenwich Street (off North Moore St.)

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