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Macaron Cafe Dark Chocolate Macaron - worth the $2.25

A few weeks ago DessertBuzz stumbled into a  double-high-end-macaron-tasting week.  That Monday I tasted a range of flavors at Francois Payard Bakery including S’mores macarons.  Then on Wednesday of the same week I tasted two flavors of Jaquay Pfeifer’s French Pastry School Macarons at the opening of Kings of Pastry.

Francois Payard bakery Macarons

Ever since then I have had macarons on the brain!  In need of a  fix I turned to a local joint near work, Midtown’s Macaron Cafe. Macaron Cafe not only has a huge selection of great macarons but also has some awesome sandwiches.  Check out Midtown Lunch for more info on their sandwiches (note prices have increased across the board since that article was written).

Passionfruit macaron from macaron cafe in midtown

If you are go for their macarons the first you will say is “Damn, that’s a lot of flavors!  how will I  ever decide what to have?” They do have a huge selection.  Which ones you should choose is mostly personal preference, however, I do feel strongly about a few things:

Jacquy Pfeiffer's Macarons

1) Get the Dark Chocolate. Not only is this one of their best flavors but it’s popular which leads to high turnover and probably fresher product.  2) They excel at the tangy, tart, citrus flavors, such as Lemon and Grapefruit.  These are perhaps two of their best.  This recommendation was made to me by the staff and it turned out to be true. 3) Avoid the Rhubarb.  I’m not sure why this flavor is so subtle in their macarons but it just is.  Maybe I can’t taste Rhubarb?

The Macaron cafe has two locations: 625 Madison Ave (on 59th St.) and 485 &th Ave. at 36th St.

More NYC macaron coverage is here and here.

The Rhubarb - the only bland macaron I have ever had here

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