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More Fancy Food Show available in NYC: Chocolate Greek Yogurt

28 Jun 2010, Posted by JK in Oikos Greek yogurt

Chocolate and healthy? Yup.

Question: What easy-to-consume breakfast has 110 calories, 10 grams of protein, and plenty of dark chocolate?  Answer: That’s right Oikos 0% fat chocolate Greek Yogurt.  If you said “four egg whites with a few tablespoons of 80% dark chocolate melted on top” that also would have been correct but not too many people would like it (except for maybe me).  Parents of picky eating kids take note:  This might be a good  “Trojan horse” to sneak in 10 grams of protein and some Calcium.  Parents might like it too since it’s not too sweet.  Organic as well.  Complete nutrition label is here.

So far, none of the other Greek yogurt purveyors , Fage, Chobani etc. are selling a chocolate flavor.

Available at Whole Foods.

  • Jessica "Su Good Sweets"

    Nice! Is this weirdly tart? I can’t get over tart chocolate yogurt. Cabot makes chocolate-raspberry Greek yogurt. Tastes like dessert. Zabar’s used to carry it but I haven’t seen it lately. 🙁

  • Niko


    well it’s not tart like plain Chobani, Oikos or Fage – but for a vanilla with chocolate Greek yogurt it’s tart – aslo compared to Chocolate Underground lowfat it’s far less sweet.

  • Niko

    Oh, and yeah I loved that Cabot chocolate raspberry – it was lowfat and had a nice chocolate taste. They haven’t had that there for a while now.

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