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Vegan carrot cake from Vegan Divas in NYC

A few weeks ago  I wrote about how bakers and pastry chefs can create great tasting vegan desserts with a little effort.   Case in point is the simple, not-too-heavy carrot cake from Vegan Divas.  

This cake is a refreshing departure from the toothpaste-thick, cream-cheese-based frosting you often see on a carrot cake–even on some of the nicer ones in NYC.  The frosting wasn’t too sweet either.  [Full disclosure, I’m not a huge carrot cake fan due to a slight allergy to wallnuts and pecans.]  However, the group I was sharing this cake with really liked the flavor and spice profile.

Also from Vegan Divas a great alternative to deep-fried cake-style donuts

Carrot cake slices are now available at Garden of Eden markets and Butterfield Market.  See below for more info.

Recommended: Vegan Divas carrot cake.  Available at Garden of Eden and Butterfield Market.

More DesssertBuzz coverage of the Vegan Divas line is here.

The Vegan Divas Website is here.

Garden of Eden market’s website is here.

2 Responses to “More great vegan desserts: Carrot Cake from Vegan Divas”

Mmmmm…. toothpaste….

Yup –saves you the trouble of having to brush your teeth.

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