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More macaron day NYC coverage: DessertTruck Works

21 Mar 2011, Posted by Niko in Dessert Truck Works

Classic pasty creme with hazelnut and a hint of Meyer Lemon

On Saturday, the day before the freebie-fest that is Macaron Day NYC, I checked out Bisousciao and also stopped into DessertTruck Works to see what kind of treats they had in store for the big event.  They were selling their s’mores flavor along with a new macaron that featured hazelnut pasty creme and a hint of Meyer lemon inside.  I also checked out the dark chocolate as my baseline for the day.  As usual, their slightly oversized Macarons sold for $2.00 each.

S'mores macaron from DessertTruck works

All three macarons were fresh and had a perfect texture inside and out.  The s’mores macaron features a extra large amount of filling, kind of like a Double Stuf Oreo.  It also comes with a tiny square of graham cracker on top.  I had a little trouble tasting the Meyer lemon inside the special hazelnut macaron.  The dark chocolate has a healthy amount of filling for a macaron and it had the strongest and most pronounced flavor of the three.

Dark chocolate macaron from DessertTruck Works

As I have noted in the past DessertTruck Works offers great desserts with a high attention to detail for a small amount of money and their macarons are no exception.

Dessert Truck Works is located at 6 Clinton St.

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