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More NYC Michelin star desserts: Dovetail

21 Apr 2011, Posted by Niko in Best fancy pants restaurant desserts, Best of New York City, Dovetail

Dovetail's baked chocolate tart with pretzels, caramel and beer ice cream

On Sunday we were in the mood for a fine dining experience, but, like many New Yorkers, we can’t just drop $100 per-person whenever we please.  That’s where this recession thing comes in handy.  Even some of the best restaurants in town have special deals to lure more diners when things are slow.

Dovetail's banana bread with spiced walnuts

Dovetail, a one-star Michelin and three-star New York Times restaurant has a super deal on Sundays called “Sunday Suppa”.  Two courses, plus a dessert for $46.00.  (It used to be $38 pre-Michelin star).   On the savory side if you like seafood, I recommend any of their fish dishes–the trout I had the other night was the best I can recall eating in my 41 years.  The duck is also superb.

Pain perdu pears, sour cherry, maple ice cream

Dovetail has always had a commitment to great desserts which has made it a DessertBuzz favorite since they opened with Pastry Chef Vera Tong.  They are continuing that tradition with Michal Shelkowitz who has kept some of the old dishes (that must be house favorites), like Pain Perdue and added her own signature creations like the deconstructed carrot cake.

detail of the pain perdue dessert from Dovetail - Pears, sour cherry

On Sunday, my favorite dessert was the baked chocolate tart.  It had an intense dark chocolate flavor–almost a burnt flavor (in a good way).  The pretzels that came with it were super crunchy, I assume because they were baked in the oven along with the tart.  Mrs. Dessertbuzz noted how flavorful the caramel sauce was.  It wasn’t just melted sugar but had a toffee-like quality.  The beer ice cream, because of it’s lack of sweetness, was the perfect compliment to a dish where all the components except the caramel sauce were not as sweet as you would expect.

We also really liked the banana bread that was served with date butter.  I had never had date butter but it was delicious.  It was served with a coffee ice cream I would describe as “as good as an ice cream flavor can be made”–it really had a strong coffee flavor!

Recommended: Baked chocolate tart, Banana bread, Pain Perdue any of the house-made ice creams

Dovetail is located at 103 West 77th Street.  The Sunday Suppa is available on um, well Sundays 🙂

Note: Dovetail has a bar area where you can order desserts outside of the dinner service.

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