Dessertbuzz | More Top 10 Pastry vids shortly-but first some NYC doughnuts


More Top 10 Pastry vids shortly-but first some NYC doughnuts

16 Jun 2011, Posted by Niko in Doughnut Plant, Peacefood Cafe, Vegan Divas bakery

Click here to go to the City Sweet Tooth review of The Doughnut Plant

I have a friend who is eating his way through all the doughnuts at the Chelsea location of the Doughnut Plant.  He keeps insisting that he is going to send me a review.  While we are waiting for that review, check out this great piece from artist Abby Denson at  The City Sweet Tooth comic to learn more about the (new-ish) Doughnut Plant in Chelsea.

Doughnut Plant: 220 W. 23rd St., bet. 7th & 8th Aves.

Peace foods cafe chocolate frosted doughnut

Peacefood has proven themselves over and over when it comes to superb vegan baked goods.   These donuts were no exception.  They had a  thin dark chocolate coating which was then coated with macadamia nuts and sprinkled with sea salt.  They were moist and cake-like and very tasty.  Make no mistake, these were vegan but there was plenty of fat in these doughnuts–but that’s really what you want in a doughnut.  $2.00 each.

Peace Foods is located at 460 Amsterdam. A map is here.  Their web site is here:

A great alternative to deep-fried cake-style donuts

It took Vegan Divas nearly 9 months of experimentation with various ingredients to come up with a non-deep-fried-donut they could stand behind. And in my opinion they succeeded. The donuts I tried were moist and had a nice texture even many hours after they were baked (4:30p.m.). My guess is they would be even better first thing in the morning. The final product was helped by some ingenious use of ingredients.

The doughnut is baked not fried.  It’s yeast-free and also contains apple cider vinegar as many non-vegan donuts do.  One trick the chef employed was to brush each donut with coconut oil.  That really gave  the mouth feel of fat just like a deep-fried donut.  The finishing touch was some granular cinnamon sugar, a toping most everyone associates with boxed donuts.

Vegan Divas apple sider donuts $3.00 each.  Available at Butterfield Market and Francois Chocolate Bar in the PLaza as well as the food court of the Plaza.

More DesssertBuzz coverage of the Vegan Divas line is here.  Butterfield Market is located at 1114 Lexington Ave at 78th Street

The Vegan Divas Website is here.

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