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Neuhaus Chocolate opens flagship on Madison Ave

23 Apr 2012, Posted by Niko in Neuhaus Chocolate, Reviews

Raspberry ganache

Last week I became a fan of Neuhaus chocolate.  And it wasn’t just because they plied me with enough free ganache, pralines and truffles to fill a knapsack.  This sounds a little cheesy but I was simply impressed with the overall classiness of their operation.   Every one of the front-line staff I spoke to were long time Neuhaus employees who knew every detail about each chocolate.  The two employees behind the counter serving individual pieces had 4 and 7 years with the company respectively.  Add this to the fact that Neuhaus itself is a 150 year old company that is credited with inventing praline-style individual chocolates. Clearly, these guys know chocolate.

More flavored ganache

I was also impressed by the diversity of their offerings.  They have super-fancy box sets for over $100 and individual chocolates for $2.00-2.50.  Despite the high-end feel of the shop, there was also a certain lack of pretension.  for example, they offer a large box set of Smurf-themed chocolates for a very affordable $25.00.  The smaller box sets also have really attractive packaging.

Large sized box set - 36 artisanal pieces for $65.00

Two of my favorites individual pieces were the Madison–made especially for the opening of the new store and the raspberry ganache.  The Madison features dark chocolate filled with a paste of hazelnuts, almonds and caramelized sugar and the raspberry ganache is just what it sounds like with flecks of dehydrated raspberries on the outside of a dark chocolate shell.

Beautiful boxed set of flavored ganaches $18.00

A classy looking box set

A good supply of raspberry ganache

Praline with speculoos

The only other place I have seen speculoos, besides inside these pralines, is at the Wafels and Dinges truck (it’s a Belgian thing).

Ganache with violet

The "Madison" a special edition chocolate made for the opening of this store and one of the best chocolates I tried

Plenty of high quality chocolates...

The outside of the new flagship store on Madison Ave.

Belgian chocolate and Belgian cartoon franchise

Smurf and Smurfette chocolate set $25.00

Neuhaus is located at 500 Madison Avenue (52 St.) Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

  • rosemary

    you had me at smurf chocolates Now if I could just bring myself to eat Smurfette! Will have to check this out when on Madison Ave!! Thanx!!

  • Niko

    Rosemary, Tough call on which Smurf to eat first–Yeah, check it out next time you are nearby you won’t be sorry.

  • Seby Singh

    Years ago I used to buy Neuhaus for friends, then I began to buy these tasty chocolates for myself. Last week, I went to this new location & bought 4 nicely priced bars at $3 each and an assortment of bonbons. I like the variety of chocolates offered & the historical chocolate molds. Located a block away from Leonidas will make it difficult to decide where to go – nominal pricing at Leonidas or a splurge at Neuhaus?

  • Niko

    Seby, I think the chocolates at Neuhaus are very fairly priced–really they could charge more at their Madison Ave location. I would not have said this before trying their stuff first hand but now that I know the quality is first rate-I think it’s a good deal.

  • Andrea

    I discovered these chocolates in Belgium and there is nothing to compare with them -nothing!! They are so delicious and beautiful!
    The New York- Madison store is a gift to the area! I especially love the milk chocolate pralines and hazelnuts!

  • Niko

    Andrea, I agree these chocolates are a real secret in NYC.

  • sheen

    WOW Yummy theses chocolates looks so perfect

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