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My favorite chocolate "jewel" of the collection, "Glamour" (also George Costanza's favorite!)

Upscale Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus, who has a flagship store at  500 Madison Ave (53rd St.) just launched a new collection called “Precious” (no relation to Gollum!).  These are high-end, boxed chocolates that resemble “precious” gems.  There are five unique jewel-shaped pralines, each with a different flavor.  The “Precious Box”  with 20 pralines, costs $50.

I also enjoyed the "Rubis" extra dark chocolate surrounds a dark chocolate ganache using beans from Papua New Guinea

My favorite chocolate “jewel” of the collection  is “Glamour” (also George Costanza’s favorite).  It consists of  a very thin layer of intense dark chocolate with “praliné à l’ancienne” –that is, a traditional praline.  I also enjoyed the “Rubris” it has an extra dark chocolate layer that surrounds a dark chocolate ganache made from cacao beans from Papua New Guinea.  Right now these two chocolates are only available in the set and not as individual pieces in the shop.

Other offerings available from the Madison Ave store - ganache with violet

Neuhaus is located at 500 Madison Avenue (52 St.) Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

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