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New desserts from Chelsea’s Cookshop

16 Oct 2012, Posted by Niko in Cookshop, Reviews

Cookies! Peanut butter and Chocolate chip

I stopped by Cookshop for lunch last Friday with a special “guest reviewer” who has some unique qualifications that I don’t possess.  One credential is that his parents owned a restaurant.  And when he was a teenager, he worked there.  The second credential is that he has 35 years on me!  Anyway, he had a lot to say about the coffee (“one of the best cups in the city”) and the desserts (“I really liked the chocolate cake!”).

Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies: You’re not going to find a better chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie in NYC–Dorie Greenspan and Levain, watch yer backs!

Chocolate deliciousness cake (that's actually the name)

Cookshop might be best known for their brunch, and the massive throngs of people waiting for said brunch, but they also have fantastic three-star desserts created by their pastry chef Amanda Cook.  And speaking of unique qualifications, Amanda has both a fine dining background and culinary school training AND a degree in food science.  In my travels as a pastry chef fanboy, I haven’t often come across this combination of schooling.

The “chocolate deliciousness” cake is aptly named–with fudge cake, malted milk chocolate mousse, chocolate crunch and gianduja ganache.  This was my favorite of the desserts I tried last week.

Warm apple crostada with almond cake and cinnamon ice cream.  Served hot and a la mode.  A perfect winter dessert.

house-made salted caramels

House-made salted caramels.  They should sell these by the bag at the front of the house.

Not pictured Peanut butter and jelly bread pudding served warm with concord grape sorbet.  As we found at the the New York Wine and Food Festival Sweet event, you can’t ever go wrong with PB&J.

Go here to see our review of Cookshop’s coffeebar bake shop from this spring.

Cookshop is located on 156 10th Ave ( at 20th Street).  Right now the baked goods are only available until 7:30-11:00a.m. Monday through Friday.

Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

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