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Dark chocolate pot au creme from Nice Matin NYC

I had a very nice dinner, including four excellent savory courses, at Nice Matin on the UWS last week.  Nice Matin might be best known for spawning the Five Napkin Burger franchise, however they also have excellent desserts and even featured a schmancy French Buche De Noel on their special Christmas Menu.  

Two excellent dark chocolate cookies come with the pot au creme

I’m not usually a fan of ordering pot au creme in restaurants because most of the time it suffers from two annoying problems: 1) being too sweet  and 2) not having enough dark chocolate flavor.  However, since the dessert was listed on the menu specifically as a “dark chocolate” pot au creme, I took it as a sign that Nice Matin was trying to tell me  [start reading like the French chef from ratatouille here]  “this is not a dessert for kids!  It is a dessert  adults who likes a dark and bitter chocolate!”.

Chocolate praline bavois from Nice Matin

Thankfully, the pot au creme lived up to expectations–it was very dark and bitter and low sugar taste.  The chocolate cookies served on the side were also good.  The consistency was quite thick and not so easy to put my spoon through–I’m not sure if this is an issue, I just never tried had a pot au creme this dense before (maybe it was served too cold?).  In any event it was excellent and worth ordering.

A second dessert, a chocolate prailine bavaroise was also top notch.

Nice Matin is located on 201 west 79th just West of Amsterdam.  Their website is located here.

2 Responses to “Nice Matin: Dark chocolate pot au creme (Le legit!)”

Hey, give the pastry chef some love.
John Lee has been on the scene for years.

@Heather Fair enough! I am aware of Mr Lee however, I thought he was located at one of the other restaurants in that group since his name wasn’t listed at the bottom of the menu.

I’ll update the post with a bio if I can get ahold of one.

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