Dessertbuzz | OMG it’s vegan! Vegan Divas donuts from Butterfield Market


OMG it’s vegan! Vegan Divas donuts from Butterfield Market

06 Jan 2011, Posted by Niko in Butterfield Market, Vegan, Vegan Divas bakery

Vegan donuts from Vegan Divas NYC

As I have said many times before, otherwise intelligent people react in strange ways when you tell them a food is vegan.  In fact, the very mention of the word “vegan” can send some of my sober, peace-loving friends into a foaming rant.  I have three words for these people: Open your mind!  Seriously people, it’s now possible to have your (vegan) dessert cake and eat it too.

Vegan Divas apple cider donuts

About a year ago one of the owners of Vegan Divas had an epiphany after experiencing a particularly delicious hot, out-of-the-oven Dunkin Donut (of all things!)  So she decided to give their chef a mandate: create a worthy, cake-style donut that conveys the experience of eating the real, deep-fried version.

One of the best brownies I have had in NYC - Vegan or not

It took nearly 9 months of experimentation with various ingredients to come up with something they could stand behind.  And in my opinion they succeeded.  The donuts I tried were moist and had a nice texture even many hours after they were baked (4:30p.m.).  My guess is they would be even better first thing in the morning. The final product was helped by some ingenious use of ingredients.

A great alternative to deep-fried cake-style donuts

The donut itself is baked not fried.  It’s yeast-free and also contains apple cider vinegar as many non-vegan donuts do.  One trick the chef employed was to brush each donut with coconut oil.  That really gave  the mouth feel of fat just like a deep-fried donut.  The finishing touch was some granular cinnamon sugar, a toping most everyone associates with boxed donuts.

They may offer a dark chocolate glazed version soon so stay tuned.

Recommended: Vegan Divas apple sider donuts $3.00 each.  Available at Butterfield Market and Francois Chocolate Bar in the PLaza as well as the food court of the Plaza.

More DesssertBuzz coverage of the Vegan Divas line is here.

Butterfield Market is located at 1114 Lexington Ave at 78th Street

The Vegan Divas Website is here.

  • FN

    I’m one of those otherwise (un)intelligent people – “vegan donut” is an oxymoron. However, I’m open minded and would try one and if it’s good I will say so.

  • Niko

    I had you in mind when I wrote this :) – go early in the morning and let me know how they are.

  • melissa

    That’s a great idea! can’t wait to try them, love donuts!! Bravo Dessert Buzz! Melissa

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