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One Michelin star restaurant desserts in New York City

21 Nov 2011, Posted by Niko in Annisa, Bouley Bakery, Dovetail, Gotham Bar and Grill, Junoon, michelin starred, Picholine, Reviews, Rouge Tomate, WD-50

Junoon desserts: Quince tarte tatin by Jenny Lee

Here’s a look at some of the great desserts and pastry chefs from New York’s Michelin starred restaurants.  I also included some notes about the desserts, the restaurant’s location and a link to their website. 

Rouge Tomate's James Distefano's Ill Flotante

I really enjoyed my visit with James Distefano.  He’s enthusiastic and his desserts are superb.  What makes these desserts great is that you get to indulge in a 1-Michelin star creation however, due to Rouge Tomate’s special nutrition guidelines the plates are always light.  I recommend ordered two or three and sharing.   Rouge Tomate is located on 10 East 60th Street.  Their website is here.

Quince Tart Tatin from Junoon's Jenny Lee

Junoon’s Jenny Lee is young, ambitious and not afraid to call her own dessert shots at this hot new restaurant.  Her quince tart tatin doesn’t pander to the sweet tooth palate. The textures and flavors of the fruit are allowed to shine in this dessert.  The coconut rice pudding with crunchy candied almonds and ginger ice cream (best ginger ice cream I have had this year) was my favorite offering although every dessert I tried was great (look for a full review soon).  Junoon is located at 27 West 24th Street.  Their website is here.

Coconut Rice Pudding from Junoon by Jenny Lee

The Gotham Bar and Grill is as solid as they come.  Year in and year out they serve great food and  particularly great desserts. Their pastry chef, Deborah Racicot has kept up this fine tradition during her tenure.  You can’t go wrong with any mousse or their classic dark chocolate cake.  If they have the pineapple upside down cake order that as well.  Gotham Bar and Grill is located at 12 East 12th Street.  Their website is here.

Gotham Bar and Grill peanut butter chocolate mousse by Deborah Racicot

What more can you say about Annisa?  Anita Lo does her own desserts at Annisa and does them quite well.  The atmosphere is unusually quiet for a New York City restaurant and the couch-like seats are comfy and relaxing–all the better to enjoy her doughnuts or chocolate 4 ways.  Annisa is on 13 Barrow Street.  Their website is here.  Their dessert Menu is here.

Annisa - Valrhona chocolate cake with malt by Anita Lo

Dovetail's Pain perdu pears, sour cherry, maple ice cream by Michal Shelkowitz

I have been a fan of  Dovetail and their desserts since they opened with Pastry Chef Vera Tong (now at Buddakan). Vera’s Pain Perdue was one of my all-time favorite NYC fancy-pants desserts.  Dovetail kept up the strong dessert emphasis with Michal  Shelkowitz (the current pastry chef).  I recommend the deconstructed carrot cake (if it’s on the menu).  The ice creams and sorbets are also superb.  Dovetail is located at 103 West 77th Street and their website is here.

Dovetail's baked chocolate tart with pretzels, caramel and beer ice cream

Additional one-Michelin star pastry chef recommnedations.  I have experienced desserts from these chefs outside of their restaurants.   Joshua Gripper from A Voce and of course David Bouley from Bouley and Brushstroke.

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