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Where’s all the content?

Posted by Niko on January 1st, 2014
Niko's reviews on Serious Eats New York blog

Click here to see my latest reviews on Serious Eats NY

Since April, 2013 I have been writing the dessert column (“Sugar Rush”) for Serious Eats NY.  I usually write three dessert reviews a week and also cover special dessert features like the best rugelach in New York.  I always post my latest reviews on Twitter.  Follow Dessertbuzz here.

Here are your three finalists  (from top to bottom): Thomas Raquel, Meg Galus and Sean Pera.

Latest updates can be found on Twitter at dessertbuzz and on a publi gallery on FaceBook here and here.

Snaps from StarChefs Int. Pastry Competition Day 1

Posted by Niko on September 30th, 2013

The latest updates can be found on Twitter at dessertbuzz and in two public galleries on FaceBook here and here (no FB account needed).












The competitors in the StarChefs International Pastry Competition:  Live updates here and via Twitter at @Dessertbuzz

Pastry Competitors for the round of  20:

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Today I wrote about Dominique Ansel’s torched-to-order, frozen S’More, AKA the “Fro-Smo” on Serious Eats NY. But here’s are some great outtakes and also a video loop. Enjoy.

Frozen s'more by Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Where’s all our content?

Posted by Niko on July 10th, 2013

Make sure you visit Serious Eats New York for my latest dessert reviews

If you’re looking for all our content please check out Serious Eats New York where we publish three NYC dessert reviews every week.  Or follow us on Twitter where we tweet links to all our content.

Yup, the paper of record reached out to Dessertbuzz to talk about Dominique Ansel’s cronut. Not sure who sent them to me but we were the first entity outside of the DAB staff to try one.  The review from that visit was published on Serious Eats NY.  The photos shown here have been published around the world on about a million websites for the last three weeks.

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