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A fantastic lemon tart from Bosie Tea Parlour

I was with some friends from out of town last night.  They had been out drinking for two nights in a row and after dinner they wanted to know where they could go for some (recovery) tea.  I told them I knew a place but they would have to eat some excellent French pastry in addition to the tea.  They were game–so off to Bosie Tea Parlour we went.

"Eclipse" cake from Bosie Tea Parlor - Dark chocolate cookie with fluer de sel, caramel ganache, dark chocolate sabayon

Truthfully, I never really appreciated tea before visiting Bosie.  I liked tea and drank tea but Bosie has some teas that are more like wine–just the smell can alter your mood.  We tried two of their rooibos teas and split two of Damien Herrgott’s pastries, the eclipse cake (review here) and a lemon tart.  The tart had a nice lemon flavor and wasn’t too sweet.  The crust is soft enough to cut through without cracking violently and exploding off the place (a good thing).

Before Bosie we ate dinner at Tomoe Sushi

More coverage of Bosie on DessertBuzz is here.

Damien Herrgott is a 2012 Dessert Professional Top 10 Pastry Chef.  Bosie Tea Parlor is located at  10 Morton Street.  Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

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