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Kiwi and a piece of Rhubarb before the soup got poured

Sometimes a dessert is so special that it hits the trifecta.  1) Incorporates fresh fruit that’s in season 2) Uses said fruit in a creative or unique way 3) Looks beautiful on the plate and 4) tastes really good – ok I guess I meant the “Quattro” not the trifecta.

The rhubarb soup with fresh fruits and chunks of rhubarb sautéed with sugar

The Rhubarb soup with Greek yogurt sorbet and spring fruits was the kind of dessert that seem to match the season perfectly. The spring fruits included bits of Kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, golden raspberries (yellow in color) and spring flowers.  This colorful mix sat in an absolutely delicious, poured-at-the table, cold rhubarb soup.  The soup was sweet but not too sweet (it is rhubarb after all).  And to offset some of the sweetness the sorbet was a neutral Greek yogurt flavor.  One of the best parts of the dessert was the sections of rhubarb that were sauteed with sugar to make them tender and to cut the tartness.

Perfect blackberry sitting in the rhubarb soup

I can’t think of a dessert I’d rather have on a warm spring day in NYC.

The Greek yogurt sorbet on a platform of sauteed rhubarb chunks

Recommended: Rhubarb soup.

Quattro  Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour was just named a Top 10 Pastry Chef in US.

Quattro is located in the Trump Soho hotel on 246 Spring Street. Their website is here.

Finish off the meal with some house-made Piedmont nougat

4 Responses to “Rhubarb soup with Greek yogurt sorbet and spring fruits from Quattro”

Another one downtown! You’re on a roll, kid! Good stuff.

@FN Are you kidding? I have been shouting about the desserts at Quattro for a few months peep the winter stuff:

Sorry Niko, sometimes I glaze over with all the excellent dessertbuzz choices… This place kinda reminds me of a spot in Paris called Chateaubriand. They serve up interesting combos that are a bit unexpected like sorbet with chicory.

[…] dish reminded me of Antoio Bachour’s rhubarb soup from a few years ago.  Antonio and Jennifer recently battled in the second annual StarChefs pastry […]

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