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Spiced Ginger cake from Grandaisy Bakery

10 Jan 2011, Posted by Niko in Grandaisy Bakery

Ginger cake aka Tortino Di Zenzero

Don’t mistake this nice looking, sugar-dusted cylinder for some kind of chocolate creation–it’s not.  It’s a spiced ginger cake and if you like ginger, real ginger that is, you will love this cake.  Even at $4.00 it’s worth it because 1) it’s a big piece of cake and 2) there’s shredded ginger inside!  According to Kathy at SE NY, they used whole grain rye which explains why it has a slightly grainy texture (the opposite texture of a brioche).

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Grandaisy Bakery has three locations in NYC – The Upper West Side location is on 176 West 72nd Street.

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