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Spot Dessert Bar: Chocolate Marquise and excellent sorbet

23 Aug 2010, Posted by Niko in Spot Dessert Bar

Spot Dessert Bar

Photo courtesy of Kathy YL Chan at A Passion For Food

A friend who I turned on to Spot told me they put a laminated DessertBuzz review inside the restaurant.  So when I was near there last nigtht I figured it was time to show some love.  When I arrived I was happy to see there was a wait and that the place was bustling.  I ordered the Chocolate Marquise and my companion ordered one scoop each of the chocolate and mango sorbet.

The Chocolate Marquise is a legitimate, three-part, schmancy-pants restaurant dessert.  The Marquise itself is a dark chocolate based mousse-like cake dusted with cocoa-cookie crumbs.  It’s not sweet at all, just very smooth and chocolaty.  Next to that is a bit of  mango tapioca.  This particular tapioca is made from the large format balls like those found in bubble tea (which they also serve at Spot).

Then, there is a scoop of Yakult flavored ice cream.  Yakult, according to Wikipedia is a “Japanese probiotic milk-like product (aka yogurt).  I was told by one of the hosts at Spot that this is a common Japanese flavor.   It wasn’t a common flavor to me but it did go perfectly with the dark chocolate marquise due to it’s tart low-sweetness profile.  There were also some cubes of chocolate cookie thrown in for texture.  All-in-all an excellent dessert and I think well worth the $9 price tag.

For some reason I had never ordered ice cream or sorbet from Spot.  I had sampled it many times since it often comes with their plated desserts.  Let me just say right off that Spot’s sorbet is easily the among the best in the city right now.  The Mango chile is certainly the best I have tasted this summer.  Why?  The flavor.  The mango flavor in this sorbet is incredible.  The texture is almost like  puree of mango frozen to perfection with no ice crystals.  The chilies seem to work with the mango flavor as well.  The heat they bring is mild but after you have a few spoonfuls it builds a bit.

The chocolate mint cookie

The chocolate sorbet could be mistaken for gelato.  It’s very rich and very dark.  The ginger bits are a nice addition and add little “punch” to the dish.  This chocolate sorbet reminds me of Ciao Bella’s excellent, store-bought version but the Spot creation is even better.

Recommended: Chocolate Marquise, mango chili sorbet, dark chocolate sorbet with ginger

Spot’s  website has their full menu.

Spot is located at 13 St Mark’s Place.

  • restaurants in framingham

    this desserts sound delicious… my question is, are they homemade? everything made from scratch?

  • Niko

    Everything I think. Even the toppings for their ice cream are house made.

  • Lanette

    I love this! I bought grenadine once and never used it after reading the indtigeenrs. I have shied away from making my own, mostly because of the red dot mess that Anton refers to. Maybe we should just use his kitchen and make a double batch!

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