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Spot Dessert Bar gets a new pastry chef and menu

10 Oct 2011, Posted by Niko in Reviews, Spot Dessert Bar

Chocolate green tea lava cake with green tea ice cream

Ian Chalermkittichai recently replaced Pichet Ong as the pastry chef for Spot Dessert Bar and from what I can tell, most of the menu has been changed. You can still get cookies, cupcakes, macarons and restaurant-quality plated desserts, however for the first time the menu also lists a number of savory items (none of which were available yet).

Green Tea-ramisou

One of my favorite plated desserts was the green tea-ramisou with matcha green tea essence, green tea madeleine sponge and shaved white chocolate green tea ($8.50).   The dish is served in a square wooden box like the kind you get when you order saki in a box at some sushi joints.  The green tea essence is ceremoniously poured onto the dessert after it arrives at the table.  If you like the earthy flavor of green tea and the texture of a good tiramisu you will enjoy this dessert.  However, as with all of Ian Chalermkittichai’s plated desserts, there is only a (greatly appreciated) sparing use of sugar.

Thai tea creme brulee with all kinds of extras

Another dessert I liked, in part because of how it was served, was the thai tea creme brulee.  It comes with a collection of interesting sides including a glass of hot Thai tea, pitcher of simple syrup (for the tea), flowerless jasmine rice wafer, and a tiny  kettle of evaporated milk.    Like the tiramisu, it was like a less sweet, less in-your-face version of a good creme brulee.  A final touch was a small wooden spoon to match the wood box.

Yuzu crepe cake from Spot

Yuzu crepe cake with orange sections and lemon sorbet

Finally, the yuzu crepe cake ($8.50) with “orange segments” yuzu curd and preserved lemon sorbet was also excellent.  The crepe cake was solid but the lemon sorbet was absolutely fantastic–it was flavorful and tart went perfectly with the sweet creme layers of the cake.

Bacon and date mini-cupcake

In addition to fancy plated desserts there are some basic crowd-pleasers on the menu that are sure to draw in the less adventurous and satisfy them.  There is a well executed dark chocolate lava cake ($9.00) with a scoop of green tea ice cream (the menu said white-chocolate green tea ganache but the dish I tasted had molten dark chocolate inside).

There are also cupcakes ($2.75) : green tea, bacon and date, banana and white chocolate and lemon poppy.  My favorite was the bacon and date.

Spot’s  website has their full menu.  Read more about Chef Ian Chalermkittichai.

Spot is located at 13 St Mark’s Place.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.

Pastry Chef Ian Chalermkittichai focuses on the details

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