Dessertbuzz | Stuffed Artisan Cannolis yet another reason to visit Stanton Street (Closed)


Stuffed Artisan Cannolis yet another reason to visit Stanton Street (Closed)

27 Apr 2011, Posted by Niko in Artisan Cannolis

Pistachio cannoli

UPDATE: 1/1/2011 The Store is closed but this thriving business live son in street fairs and pop-up businesses.

For an excellent dessert that’s both a little different and still somehow very traditional, get yourself down to Artisanal Cannolis.  It isn’t a new operation, they came into commercial being almost 4 years ago after making a splash at the 2008 San Gennaro festival with their pumpkin pie cannoli.  After that success they decided to open a bricks and mortar store in the East Village.

It’s easy to see why their recipe caught on.  Their cannolis aren’t too sweet and the ricotta filling is mild, smooth and creamy–instead of the frosting-like fillings I have had elsewhere.  Since the filling base is mild, it allows their specialty flavors, such as nutella, to shine through.  They source their ricotta locally and seem to be very serious about every ingredient that goes into their cannolis.

Artisan Cannoli: Ricotta is sourced locally for all their cannoli

Another great thing about going to the Artisanal Cannolis store, besides chatting with the owner, is that you can try many of their 78 flavors (yup, 78!) without getting too full and without dropping too much coin.  You get three cannolis for $5.00– so if you go with a few friends you can easily try a dozen flavors or more.  You can also order cannolis for a party or even wholesale, if you buy enough, though, it’s not nearly as fun as stopping by the shop.

I think this was a margarita flavored cannoli

When you go be sure to try the alcohol infused flavors like the Chambord Black Cherry and White Russian.  Artisanal Stuffed Cannolis is located on 176 Stanton St. (Clinton and Attorney St.).  Their website is here.

As if you needed another reason to visit the Clinton Street sweet corridor with DessertTruck Works, Clinton St. Baking Co., Wd-50 and nearby Bisousciao.

Artisanal Stuffed Cannolis on the Lower East Side on NYC

  • FN

    Wow, those look good. And they’re below 34th st, so I can check em out. Nice post. (Yep, I don’t go above 34th, unless forced.)

  • Niko

    @FN – that would mean no Payard verrines, or other desserts – you’d be missing the best in class if you NEVER went above 34th (FPB) doesn’t yet carry the top end stuff.

  • Antonio Bachour

    I love cannoli, this look delicious. I will go to try!!

  • Dina

    I’m looking forward to trying these. Pumpkin pie sounds good. I can’t believe they have 78 flavors. Curious to see what they have. I’ll be in the neighborhood this month, so I will try it.

  • rosemary

    since my blog is called NYC Style and a little Cannoli, I really need to get to this place! They sound and look amazing and thrilled they use the ricotta filling as is the only kind in a real cannoli!! glad to see they are doing well, need to find my way to their shop this year, for sure!! love the post!!

  • Niko

    Rosemary, i think they have some gig at Mulberry St all summer – check out their Twitter feed or email them from the site. I really enjoy these cannolis.

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