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Test your teeth: Jacques Torres pumpkin seed brittle

06 Dec 2010, Posted by Niko in Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres dark chocolate covered pumpkin seed brittle

When Jacques Torres isn’t out fishing or thinking about sex he can still come up with great new chocolate-based treats.  The seasonal pumpkin seed brittle is a perfect example.  It’s really quite different from peanut brittle.  It has a more mild flavor and seems slightly less heavy, which means you can eat more (see below).

pumpkin seed brittle - makes a great gift

What’s great about the pumpkin seed brittle besides the smooth dark chocolate exterior coating, is that it’s slightly more crumbly and less tooth-cracking than say, a standard peanut or almond brittle.  This allows you to eat a whole bag in one sitting.  If you tried to do this with a standard nut brittle, your teeth would start hurting before too long, preventing you from overindulging. Makes a great gift too.

Dark chocolate meet pumpkin seeds

Recommended: Jacques Torres Pumpkin Seed Brittle $6.50 for a bag.

Jacques Torres has 3  locations in the New York City and will soon open a fourth in Rockerfeller Center.  This brittle came from the Upper West Side location at 285 Amsterdam Ave (73  St.).

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