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Top Chef: Just Desserts episode 10 recap – season finale karma souffle

17 Nov 2010, Posted by Niko in Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts: Season I

Top Chef Just Desserts finalists - Yigit, Morgan and Danielle

The season finale starts off provocatively with  Morgan calling Zac a “Fairy”.  Later, he calls Danielle an idiot for having pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner shell pistachios.  If he wins, he will have definitely bucked the karma trend.  Go here for this episode’s official theme song.

The chefs have to create a four-course dessert tasting and they each have a famous pastry chef working with them as a sous chef.  The chefs?  Elizebeth Falkner,  Sherry Yard, Claudia Flemming.

Morgan is creating a menu themed on the color palate and is working with Claudia Flemming.  For service he gets to work with former contestant Heather H.  They show a series of sound bites of Heather saying how much she dislikes Morgan.

Danielle is doing a bunch of things including an ice cream sampler that Johnny thinks is risky.  She is working with Elizabeth Falkner.  For service she is working with Tania who was voted off early.

Morgan creating one of his dishes

Yigit says that he has taken the judges feedback to heart during this challenge and will not take on too much.  He’s working with Sherry Yard.  For service he’s working with Tim Nugent.

The final judges table of Top Chef: Just Desserts

At judges table they started out asking what the contestants thought of their dishes.  It turns out that they each stepped up in a big way.  Danielle apparently has a terrific outing and really could have taken it if Yigit and Morgan fumbled a dish or two.  The judges then  pointed out some of their concerns with Morgan’s souffle which fell on some of the judges plates.  The judges congratulate everyone and then announce that Yigit wins Top Chef.  Even Morgan is respectful.

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