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Top Chef: Just Desserts episode 4 recap – Cirque Du Meltdown

06 Oct 2010, Posted by Niko in Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts: Season I

Lucent Dossier in action

Tonight’s episode had no shortage of crazy shit stuff going on.  We had, and who could have ever predicted this, Seth getting taken away in an ambulance after having a panic attack.  This crazy performance group, a less-diesel-looking Cirque Du Soleil, called Lucent Dossier was part of the elimination challenge.

Tonight’s guest judge was Gail Gand, executive pastry chef of Chicago’s acclaimed Tru.

The Quickfire challenge was to create the best ice cream sundae ever but the chefs didn’t have to make the ice cream since the segment was sponsored by Breyers.  When the contestants learned this Seth said aloud “weak sauce, weak Sauce!” meaning, how lame is it that they, Top Chef: Just Desserts contestants, didn’t have to make their own ice cream.  I can’t believe I am saying this but I  agree with Seth!  In a shameless bid to suck up to the sponsors Heather H says, “I like Breyers!”  Ok, maybe I like Breyers too.

Anywho- the contestants each drew knives to determine what flavor of Breyers ice cream they were going to work with.  Before they showed the quickfire they cut to the stew room where Seth was having another tantrum about some Top Chef: rules.

Seth Caro leaves the show after suffering a panic attack

The next thing we know Seth is being carted away and Iuzinni is in there telling the chefs that Seth is out of the show.  All the other chefs were relieved.  Some, like Eric had nice things to say about him: “somewhere in there is a talented chef”.  However, they all seemed glad that Seth would no longer be using extremely sharp knives and operating dangerous appliances near them anymore.

In the Quickfire Morgan ran a sentimental story about his dessert: He told us he was cooking for his son who’s favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip, which is what he drew!  He combined some oreos and mint syrup and served it with a foamy and warm hot chocolate.  He told the judges his sundae was actaully called “Sunday” because that’s the day he get’s to see his son. Awww.

Zac pulled a trick out of his Flex Mussels bag by busting out deep-fried ice cream  for his Black Forest is burning sundae.  He used panko bread crumbs which Gail Gand really liked.  Gail Gand didn’t like Eric, Erika’s or Dannielle’s sundaes much to their dismay.

Morgan was the winner. He got misty and got immunity too.

Since Seth left they brought back Heather H. giving her another chance after she baked the underwhelming peanut butter cookies.

They split everyone into  3 teams:  It was Zac, Heather C and Malika; Morgan, Heather H and Eric; and  Yigit, Erika and Dannielle.   They had to do a MOF-like showpiece that evoked the Lucent Dossier experience and then 3 desserts one of which had to be (appropriately) a flaming dessert.

All the chef’s and viewers were then subjected to watched Lucent Dossier in action.  Wikipedia calls Lucent Dossier (whose name loosely translates to “a collection of glowing light”)  an “interactive, surrealistic performance troupe and entertainment company”.  They swallowed swords, ate fire and did splits in the air.

During the prep they really laid it on thick with footage that made Heather C look inexperienced.  Throughout the challenge they kept showing her asking everyone how to do stuff.  The edit made it look as though a novice was thrown in to cook with the experts for one challenge.  Before judges table started they showed her sulking behind her sunglasses.  Then Heather H threw down some (really) tough love on Heather C, finally telling her “she needs to suck it up!”

Heather C on Top Chef: Just Desserts

Morgan’s team: Eric’s flaming dessert had some star anise bits that irritated the judges.

Zac’s Team:  Flambe cherries, Zach’s banana cake and red curry

Yigit’s team: They didn’t like that they didn’t flambe in front of the judges

Top 3: Morgan, Heather C and Eric.  They liked the showpiece.  They liked Eric’s roulades – but the winner was Morgan – so he wins both the Quickfire and the Elimination challenge, even though he had immunity.  Heather H was pissed afterward since she made more items that Morgan.  She vowed “never again!”- which meant she was not going to let another chef take credit for her work again.

Heather H putting the final touches on the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Bottom 6: The judges brought in both the other teams.  They were really pissed that Yigit’s team did not do the Flambe in front of them.  With Zac’s team they  loved Zac’s cake and the curry. Gail really liked Malika’s panna cotta.

During the judges table Malika told the judges that she wanted to go home, even though they told her her desserts were good this round.  They obliged her and Heather C got a second stay of execution.  I was disappointed with this outcome since it seemed to turn the competition into more of a battle of attrition.

Zac Young quote Tracker: We tried all the faces and mine was the best!  Red Curry that’s crazy talk!

Notes: Crying game:Someone has now cried in each of the first 4 episodes: Tonight it was Morgan’s turn – so much for him being the alpha male!  Zac in episode 1, although those were tears of joy, Seth in episode 2 and Malika in episode 3 when her wedding cake fell down.  Zen Master: We learned that everyone calls Eric “Zen Baker” because he does yoga in the stew room!

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