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Top Chef: Just Desserts – episode 6 recap – tastes like soap edition

20 Oct 2010, Posted by Niko in Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts: Season I

Smooth - Michael Laiskonis

Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef from Le Bernardin tried to inject some class into the Top Chef: Just Desserts, which can seem like a trailer park at times.  This episode featured “Dawn Hand Renewal” dish soap.  A product that I associate with dessert almost as much as ex-laxx.

The chefs first challenge was to make desserts with only savory items and using only one pot.  Zac made red and golden steamed beet cake.

Today's show is brought to you by the dessert flavors of Dawn

Least favorite: Danielle, Eric and Heather.

Top: Morgan, Zac and Yigit

The winner of the quick fire challenge was Zac!    Zac then traded in his immunity for $5,000 cash.

Elimination challenge was to make 200 black and white desserts for a party in honor of the 128th anniversary of the LA Times.

Erika goes with an Ice Cream since she has made it all her life.

Zac decides to go with the deep-fried whoopie pies and will fry them to order.  He has that one the menu at Flex Mussels in New York.

Heather thinks Danielle will go home but would like Morgan to go home because he is sexist and comes off as jackass (my word not hers).

Morgan is annoyed by Zac and Yigit singing show tunes back at the house.  Morgan says “he doesn’t trust Team Diva (Zac, Yigit and Heather) as “far as he can throw them” and he can throw them pretty far”.

In the elimination challenge:

Dannielle says Erika’s ice cream tasted like glue – ouch!

Johnny says the passion fruit in Zac’s whoopie pies is too sweet.

Morgan’s dessert looks like little  buildings – the cake is dry says Gail.

Heather had colored berries and Johnny doesn’t like it but the other judges liked Heather’s gingerbread flavor including Michael.

Gail likes Eric’s plated mud pie.  Johnny is excited too that Eric has stepped up with the plating.  Eric is pleased.

Gail likes Danielle’s presentaion – the others not so much.

Top three: Eric, Morgan, Yigit and Zac.  They liked Zac’s whoopie pie – especially Dannielle.  They also liked his ice cream a lot.  Morgan – they liked the flavors and the building-like dessert blocks.  Michael liked Eric’s dessert as did Johnny “your best dessert to date”.  Yigit had a technically great dessert.  Michael said it was tough but Yigit best embraced the challenge and won!

Bottom three: Heather- The judges didn’t like that she didn’t use an all black and white palate.  They did like her flavors though.   Erika- Dannielle said the ice cream tasted like soap (she said it tasted like glue earlier not sure either one of those is very good). Danielle- they weren’t impressed with the components.  In a surprise, Erika is sent home.  That was a surprise – I was sure it was going to be Danielle.

Zac young quote update: I don’t cook real food, I don’t even real food! The black and white challenge is going to be really tricky.  Especially for me.  They don’t make black disco dust!  Dear God, I will give you back the $5,000 for the immunity (heart) Zac!

The Top Chef: Just Desserts Cry-fest continues: A few of the male judges cried at the winning judges table tonight. Keeping the streak of crying over six episodes alive.

Dannielle: "Her ice cream tasted like soap - or glue. Ok, soapy glue"

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