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This week’s guest judge was Shinmin Li – she’s got some beautiful cakes and was very well spoken on the show.  What I like about her most  was that she really gives it to the contestants, telling them exactly what she liked and didn’t like.  She seems tough but honest.  The contestants have to make something with candy flowers.  Eric and Morgan think they have a good chance in the quickfire and start talking smack to the camera. Danielle says she “doesn’t do sugar flowers”.  Morgan “accidentally” destroys one of Yigits edible vases.  Shinmin was very tough judging these.  Even with her favorites. Morgan wins the quickfire.

For the elimination challenge the contestants have to make a dessert inspired by a celebrity couple for a tea party.   But they get punked  after Johnny bans chocolate for the challenge.  He says chocolate is not usually part of a Tea Party, (not even for a Celebri-Tea-party Johnny?)

Eric is not happy with his dishes:  Oprah and Stedman (Oprah’s boyfriend). With shortbreads and jams inside.

Zac: Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards: captain Von Trapp crunch – Pink Panther  – the judges love it.

Danielle: Conan and Andy Richter:  A bit much too much spice and a bit too much jalapeno but she makes the top three!

Morgan: Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian – they like Morgan’s stuff.

Yigit: Madonna and Guy Ritchie

The Top three: Morgan, Zac and Danielle:  They liked Morgan’s story.  Shinmin says of Morgan’s desserts that she was prepared to “lick it off the plate” (!)  Shinmin thought Zac’s desserts were classy.   Zac wins the elimination challenge.

Bottom two: Eric and Yigit: Dannielle didn’t like Eric’s lack of creativity.  They felt his short bread wasn’t good and was unevenly cooked.  Especially as an expert baker.  They thought Yigit’s was like a “bad dessert served at a hotel”.  Shinmin thought the Madonna custard was jiggly and not representative of Madonna.   Yigit says he came undone when Heather went home.  Please!  Eric gets eliminated.  He seems happy that Johnny  told him he’s an amazing chef.  Everyone really likes Eric.  See the DessertBuzz Interview with Eric back in week one.

Zac Quotes: I actually want to be Julie Andrews!

Notes: Danielle like Kashi GoLean cereal (I’m not sure if that was a product placement or not!)

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Official Bravo Bios for the judges: Johnny Iuzzuni – Executive Pastry Chef Jean Georges, Hubert Keller – Owner/Chef Fleur De Lys, Gail Simmons – Food and Wine Magazine, Dannielle Kyrillos – Daily Candy

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