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Top Chef: Just Desserts episode 9 recap – The chefs face Francois Payard

10 Nov 2010, Posted by Niko in Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts: Season I, Uncategorized

Danielle puts the finishing touches on her cake

Quickfire: The chefs had to create  4 unique chocolates to represent 4 milestones in their lives.  Francois Payard is the guest judge.  Morgan worked for him in Brazil.  And of course Johnny worked for him in New York.  It’s a small pastry chef world.

After watching the first 10 minutes of the show – the DessertBuzz review team agreed that all 4 remaining chefs were being kind of obnoxious.  Interestingly, Danielle is the least obnoxious of the group during this period.  Will that be a sign that she has matured?

Morgan wins the quickfire – as Payard likes his chocolates and (maybe) his personal stories that he told to go along with them.

The chefs had to impress Sylvia, Francois and Johnny in the elimination challenge

Elimination challenge: The chefs have to create an anniversary cake for some guy named “Ben” and his wife for their  61st wedding anniversary party.  Viewers are left saying ” why?  Who the hell is Ben and why are they going through all this trouble for him? ” The catch?  Master wedding cake maker  Sylvia Weinstock from episode 3 is Ben’s wife!

The chefs learn some details about how they met and about their wedding.  She loves lemon he likes chocolate.

Zac by his own admission, has a “cake-tastrophe” and has to improvise.  Morgan seems to play it safe with a very nice looking but simple white cake – though he does have a great three-dimensional piano on top of the cake for a decoration.  Johnny likes this top piece a lot.  Yigit has a very nice looking cake but has taken on too much.   Danielle has a nice looking but grey colored cake.

Judges Table: Payard really liked Danielle’s cake.  He said it was memorable and very moist.  Gail and Johnny didn’t like the grey color.  Payard liked Yigit’s “elegant” looking cake .  However, one of his layers was real disaster .  The judges did think Morgan played it a bit safe with his white cake and Hubert Keller said “when you make it simple it has to be perfect”. They also didn’t like Morgan’s flowers and his layers were uneven.  Zac knew he was in trouble visually, when he was making his cake so he decided to go all out Zac style.  They judges felt it didn’t reflect the couple.   Johnny wished Zac could put his signature on the cake in a more mature way.

Holy Smokes!  Danielle wis the elimination challenge!

Unfortunately, Zac goes home.  He says he’s not surprised he’s being sent home since he baked a “cakewreck”.

Zac Young quotes: “Danielle reminds me of a cartoon character ” “Danielle – you look like Marilyn Manson  please go home” “visually this was a caketastrophe” – about his cake.

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