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Two Little Red Hens Bakery: Outrageously good cookies and scones

01 Nov 2010, Posted by Niko in Best bakeries, Best Scones in New York City, Two Little Red Hens

Peanut chocolate chip cookie from two little red hens bakery

Here’s the thing with cookies:  Even the not-so-special ones are pretty damn good.  If a bakery has high turnover even pedestrian cookies are often really good.  After all, the main ingredients are butter, sugar, flour and perhaps some type of chocolate, peanut butter or other type of candy chip.  Ben and Jerry’s already proved with their cookie dough flavors that you don’t even need to bake these ingredients for them to taste good.

So how does a bakery distinguish itself from all the others and deliver a cookie that stands above the crowd?  Truthfully, I don’t know, but I do know that Two Little Red Hens has some of the best cookies in New York.  They might not be as talked about as  Levain or Jacques Torres but that’s only because their tiny bakery is all the way up on 2nd Ave and 86 St.

The peanut chocolate chip cookie is slightly crisp around the outside and softer and cake-like on the inside with an awesome peanut flavor and nice big square chunks of chocolate.  For peanut and peanut butter lovers, this cookie is a “must eat” right behind the Bouchon Bakery nutter butter.

Pumpkin spice scone from two little red hens bakery in NYC

Next up was the seasonal pumpkin spice scone.  I was mentally prepared for a letdown after the cookies but the scone was every bit as good as the cookie.

Don’t be turned off by the scone’s huge size.  Instead, just think of it as a good value. The first thing you’ll notice is all the great spice flavors inside.  Then, you taste the bits of Cranberry and pumpkin.  The texture reminded me of banana bread.   It’s also very moist.  And this moistness is all the more amazing given that it was 2:00 p.m.  when I purchased my scone.  That means if you get there early in the morning you’ll have an even fresher product than I did.  Look for more Two Little Red Hens reviews soon.

Recommended: Any of the cookies but especially the Peanut Chocolate Chip and the Pumpkin Spice Scone.

Two Little Red Hens bakery  is located at 1652 2nd Ave (86th St.)

Their website is here.

  • FN

    I’ll be back in NYC this weekend, now I’ve got a reason to go to the Upper East Side… The whole peanut butter part of your write up got to me. I cannot remember the last time I went above 34th st, sad right?

  • Niko

    @FN totally! Let me be clear though – it’s doesn’t have any peanut butter chips in it but it does have great overall peanut flavor and obviously from the picture peanuts on top.

    Get that pumpkin scone though but don’t think of it as a scone just imagine if they called it “spiced pumpkin bread”. In fact I think theyhad pumpkin spice cookie too. If you get that or the cloud cookie let me know how it is.

  • Samba

    This looks amazing and i have just been given 3 fenenl bulbs complete with stems so will be trying this. How long would they keep in an airtight container?? was thinking about my Christmas hampers

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