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Dessert Truck Works, one of my favorite places for desserts in NYC is going to be giving away free desserts this Thursday from 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m (did I mention the word “dessert” enough in that sentence?) ¬†Every customer will have a choice of their “throwdown-winning” bread pudding or a scoop of one of their ice creams or sorbets.

Why do I like their model so much?

Dessert Truck Works rocks because you get to eat pastries and restaurant-quality plated desserts created by real-deal pastry chefs for less than half the price of a dessert in fine restaurant.   See my report from earlier this year to see what to oder

Dessert Truck Works Pomegranate macarons from Nov 2008

If you like great desserts, you would be crazy not to hit this.

Dessert Truck Works is located at 6 Clinton St.

3 Responses to “Unreal dessert deal this Thursday: Dessert Truck Works to give away desserts”

[…] From 11am-11pm Thursday DT Works is offering free bread pudding, ice cream, or sorbet! Dessert Buzz has the details here! […]

Thanks for the rec! Can’t wait (although I wish they were giving away that chocolate cake).

[…] source […]

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