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Valentine’s Day love child: Donatella dark chocolate souffle

14 Feb 2011, Posted by Niko in Donatella

Donatella dark chocolate souffle desserts

As soon as I saw the souffle making it’s way to the table I knew I was going to like it.  I could tell by the color.  It was almost black  instead of the much more common light brown–indicating the use of very dark and bitter chocolate.  A taste confirmed this theory.

Part molten chocolate cake, part dark chocolate souffle

Pastry Chef Andrea Jarosh explained the dessert this way “it’s not really a souffle it’s more like the love child between a souffle and a molten chocolate cake.  We use a lot of Valrhona bittersweet chocolate to make this.  It’s not sweet”.  The souffle comes with a side of peppermint ice cream.  This was the first night Donatella had served the dark chocolate souffle, hopefully, they’ll add it to the menu (they said they were going to try it out  this week).

Donatella cookie plate

Recommended: Dark Chocolate Souffle with peppermint ice cream  For a nice review of their savory options visit Feisty Foodie.  for a review of the rest of Donatella’s desserts go here.

Donatella is located at 184 8th Ave (19 St)  Their web site is here.

Sfogliatella dessert from Donatella in Chelsea

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