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WD-50 Dessert tasting menu: On the cutting edge of dessert technology

19 Oct 2007, Posted by Niko in Best fancy pants restaurant desserts, Best of New York City, WD-50

This post is from October 19, 2007:

A great experience all around. So much has been written about the exotic food from WD-50 I am not sure a hack like me could add anything.  I found the service to be really superb.  Friendly and warm especially for a downtown hipster restaurant.  I asked if I could poke my head in the kitchen and they gave me a tour and introduced me to the man himself, Wylie Dufresne, who had time to wipe the sweat from his brow and tell me he would like to taste some of the desserts at Kyotofu if he ever gets the time, which I could tell was never.  He was very friendly too and his style took me back to my college days at Hampshire.

The pre-dessert contained fig, cremini mushrooms, soy milk, fresh dates, sherry vinegar foam and sherry broth.  If any of these ingredients are incorrect please don’t email me nasty letters. The best thing about the whole “molecular gastronomy” dishes are that they look beautiful and photograph well and with Wd-50 at least, they tasted well too.

The first dessert course: coconut mousse, cucumber puree, cashews and cashew twist brittle.

Yuzu curd ground pistachio puree chopped and whole shortbread dollops of spruce yogurt

Soft white chocolate, potato, malt, white beer ice cream

Cherry covered chocolate mousse, dehydrated cherries molasses, lime.

Wd-50’s food isn’t bad either:

Wd-50 on a Google map.