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We have a “Situation” at Dessert Club, Chikalicious

17 Jan 2011, Posted by Niko in Chicalicious Dessert Club

Dessert Club Chikalicious NYC

On Saturday night, after seeing a rousing and inspiring production of Ameriville at The Public Theater we headed to Spot Dessert Bar to get our sugar on. Unfortunately, Spot had most of the place reserved for a big party and said the wait would be 45 mins!  So we headed East to Dessert Club, Chikalicious.

Salted Caramel Macaron from Chikalicious

The “Situation” (pictured)  is a massive $4 cookie that contains tortilla chips, pretzels, marshmallow and chocolate chunks.  You may be thinking “hey this sounds a lot like a Momofuku compost cookie!”  It is similar, but the Situation is much less sweet and has even more “stuff'” inside (bigger pieces of stuff too).  I prefer it to the compost.  There’s also a sister cookie called the Situation Dark which has a dark chocolate cookie base, peanut butter chips and toffee popcorn in addition to everything in the regular.

chocolate Macaron from Chikalicious NYC

The last few months DessertBuzz has been eating a lot of macarons–some good, some not so good.  The not-so-good ones are usually just stale with a “crackly” surface.  I’m happy to say that was not the case with the two really superb macarons we had on Saturday – a salted caramel and a chocolate (both $2).  They both had a perfectly soft outside and a nice flavorful paste inside. The salted caramel had just the right amount of sweetness too.

S'Mores cupcake with Chocolate ganache center

Don’t forget the classic desserts that made Dessert Club Chikalicious famous like the S’Mores cupcake ($2.60) with a chocolate ganache center.  These, super-moist cupcakes are small so you should get a few and share.

Recommended: The Situation cookie, macarons.

Dessert Club Chikalicious is located on 204 East 10th Street (at 2nd Ave).  Their website is here.

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    i try fews time , but sorry is not good ..
    i like bakery bouchon , epicerie boulud , but here all the recipe from another chef .

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