Dessertbuzz | What makes doughnut Plant creme brulee doughnuts so good?


What makes doughnut Plant creme brulee doughnuts so good?

09 Jan 2012, Posted by Niko in Doughnut Plant, Reviews
Each doughnut is hand-blowtorched

The Doughnut Plant creme brulee doughnut

In October the Doughnut Plant stole the show at the New York Food and Wine “Sweet” event.  They brought a selection of doughnuts, including a delicious jelly doughnut, but their creme brulee doughnut, which was hand-blow-torched on the spot was the hit of the show and netted them the prize for best dessert at the 2011 Sweet event.

Doughnut Plant Creme Brulee doughnut

Here’s a twenty-second video of just how they do it.   Warning: don’t try this at home.  More from the Doughnut Plant on Dessertbuzz.

The Doughnut plant is located at 379 Grand Street.  Their website is here.  Follow DessertBuzz on Twitter.  The City Sweet Tooth Coverage of the Doughnut plant is here.

  • FN

    Wow! I think I need to buy one of those blowtorches…

  • Niko

    @FN, the thing is as fun as they would be to make they were definitely one of the best desserts there. And you could use the torch for all kinds of things like baked alaska etc…

  • nycstylecanolli

    I finally tried one of these doughnuts just not this one in particular. Had the coconut which was in Dean and DeLuca in Soho but wasn’t thrilled with it. Actually loved the Dough doughnut at the Brooklyn Flea better but need to try this Creme Brulee just to verify. 🙂

  • Niko

    @NYSC – Well, made to order vs. doughnuts fried a few hours ago are a whole different ball game these were made earlier but brought back to life with a blow torch.

    I’ve heard great things about Dough though–I need to try them

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